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Automotive Flooring Automotive Assembly Plants

Protective coatings offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. Additionally, the ability of these systems to withstand petro-chemicals surpasses that of traditional industrial surfaces. Seamless flooring systems are fluid-applied in place and the installation process has a quick turn-around time. This results in less downtime, including during patch-and-repair maintenance. Vertical applications are available, including cove base for containment purposes.



  • Anti-slip in wet or dry conditions for pedestrian and vehicular safety
  • Suitable for high traffic and heavy machinery
  • Resistant to damage from water, de-icing salt, and petrochemicals
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • For new construction and existing surfaces in need of repair and/or protection
  • Options for line striping, directional arrows and safety markings


Typical areas of use include but not limited to;

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Storage warehouses
  • Service areas
  • Assembly lines
  • Corporate office space
  • Lobbies and showrooms
  • Restrooms, locker rooms and breakrooms
  • Employee cafeterias